Since 2012, Coalescaremonium ['Coalescent Ceremony'] has been organising grandiose happenings, parties and festivals in Brussels, combining unseen international acts with local talent from the various sub-genres of Gothic nightlife; themed with special focus on music, art, dance and fashion. Ensure to keep up with our future activities by liking and following our Facebook page!

24-11-2018: Gothic VS Industrial, 1 ship with 2 parties, each with their own music, theme, bars and atmosphere. 8 Deejays will offer the finest gothrock, medieval, postpunk & darkwave on the romantically decorated upper deck while harsh aggrotech, EBM & noise plays the iron lower hull. Location: RIC's Art Boat, Quai Des PĂ©niches, Brussels | Start:21h - End:05h | The Facebook Event

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