Etterbeek, Brussels | Saturday 8 April 2017 | Start : 15h, End : 03h

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Coalescaremonium, meaning 'Coalescent Ceremony', is a yearly grandioso Gothic happening that combines unseen international acts with local talent from various sub-genres of Gothic culture into a grand day of celebration; with high attention to detail and strong focus on music, performance, dance, art and fashion.

Each year, our event exhibits different acts, stands and expositions, all following an underlying thread that makes the whole experience into a magical gathering for artists and visitors alike. For its fifth anniversary this central theme will be "Pagan Electrics"; exploring strains of heathen ritualism in a strongly electricalised setting.

Expect a whole day of dark glamorous fun channeling witchcraft, hereticism and the electric society in a program that caters to everybody's taste. Come express yourself and meet people from all over Europe in our nation's beautiful capital and experience the unique atmosphere presented to you by underground artists Nocturne, Discipulus, La Dutchessa, SiSeN and TElombre.



a Grandioso Gothic Happening in a revamped monastery. With live bands, DJs, Dance, Art and Fashion Performances.

Location: Bouche à Oreille, Place Van Meyel 16, 1040 Brussels, Belgium.